In 2013 I got the unique chance to photograph the number one DJ in the world.
In the two years that followed, I got to be part of HARDWELL’s incredible journey as the crowned king of electronic dance music.

The bond that grew between us, gave me the unique opportunity to capture everything he experienced from the perspective of an insider.

I stood behind him during every show, next to him at every meet & greet and watched him fall asleep in his hotelrooms. I flew with him to numorous countries, watched him crowdsurf and play that “one-last-song”.

All of these moments were bundled in our photobook 2 Years As One.
More than anything, it is a collections of all those unforgettable moments and the incredible growth both Hardwell and I went through in the two years we spent on the road together.

In November 2016 the book was released alongside two signing sessions and a tour through different media outlets. Together with Robbert I had an appearance in Hollands biggest talkshow RTL Late Night and gave radio interviews in every major Dutch radio station.

Photo by Rutger Geerling

If you are interested to find out more about the photobook, please visit the Revealed webshop.